YKO Collection es una marca Noruega de sabanas y fundas Nordicas, dedicada a la venta de Ropa de cama de lujo, hechas con calidad primium en Algodon Pima, India y Pakistani, con bordabos excelentes y diseños únicos para brindar a nuestros clientes un producto 100% algodón de extraordinaria suavidad, brillo y durabilidad.

YKO Collection er et norsk sengetøysskæer, forpliktet til å selge luksuriøst sengetøy laget av premium kvalitet av Pima bomull, Indisk og Pakistanisk bomull, med utmerket broderi og unikke design. Vårt grunddleggende formål er å tilby våre kunder et 100% bomullsprudukt med ekstraordinær glatthet, glas og holdbarhet.

YKO Collection is a Norwegian bedsheets brand committed to selling luxury linen made by premium quality of Pima cotton, Indian and Pakistani Cotton. Our fundamental objective is to offer out costumers a 100% cotton product with extraordinary smoothness, shine and durability.

Our vision

When it comes to costumer’s satisfaction. It is the company, which meets the entire requirement in this regards. YKO Collection has a very clear vision to create a quality product, it has been our endeavor to work closely with our buyers and develop business relation that assure them of better quality.

“Bedsheets are the most important thing in the whole world. You spend a third of your life in bed, so good sheets should be like buying a couture dress – it is well worth the investment. I happen to like really fine cotton satin sheets.”

– Yillian Sanchez

Have you considered a
silk pillowcase?


Consider a silk pillowcase. It’s a big investment, but you may think about trying silk even if it’s just for the one pillowcase to sleep on.

Silk is “extremely breathable,” making it a good 
material for transitioning climates because it stays naturally “warmer during the winter and cooler in summer.”

Just remember that you always have to dry clean, since laundering silk in the washing machine will damage the fibers and ruin its softness.


Proper care is crucial. No matter the bed sheet, it’s important to treat them well in order for them to last long.


“Fabric softeners eat away at fabrics, and it applies a coating of chemical that’s making things feel softer, so while it feels more plush, the fabric unfortunately wears out faster.”

Also, washing sheets in hot water and over drying them in high heat will cause the threads in the material to expand and shrink, loosening the weave and causing it to break down faster.

To extend the life of your sheets, always use lukewarm water and avoid drying on high heat.